August 7, 2022

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Welcome. My name is Kris and I’m the Founder here at Shantek Digital. I’ve been involved with a variety of Digital aspects of the internet for some time. From hobbyist Game Development in the Unity Game Engine, to Windows/Windows Phone application development through to the early days of building websites for my clients. My highlight from my years of experience was being hired by Nokia and Microsoft to develop the companion app for the Imagine Cup, for the finalist to use for mini games and their schedule while at the event. Seeing the app being used by a large amount of students to play a QR code based game was amazing.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed a vast variety of Digital related tasks and have picked up a bunch of skills along the way. In early 2022 I decided to push myself beyond my usual comfort zone and start a tutorial based YouTube channel called Game Dev Project. This was the best decision I’ve ever made! During this experience, I’ve picked up a ton of new skills and have found a new thing I’m very passionate about – content creation. Seeing a project come together and helping others is an amazing feeling.

Posting up a video that is in demand and seeing comments come through thanking you for the effort or telling you how helpful it was is a very satisfying thing to see.

This leads me to August 2022…

What’s so special about that date you ask?

Well, thanks for asking! This is when I decided to take my passion for content creation and to use it to help others. Shantek has been around in may forms in the past, most recently as Shantek Studios when I focused mostly on hobbyist Game Development and programming while working night shifts to support my young family. As of August 2022, moving forward as Shantek Digital I’ll be taking all the digital elements of the things I’m super passionate about and getting deeper in to the Digital space than ever before.

From my time (although only short so far) making YouTube content and being involved with other creators it seems very apparent than most creators love to make the content, but when it comes to editing for hours on end, they despise it and would rather move on to their next project. For me, I love the entire experience from recording the content to perfecting the content to publishing it. This feeling along with all my past experience of everything digital that I enjoy lead me to go all in on Shantek Digital.

Still with me? If you are, lets take a look at some of the things Shantek Digital will be offering:

We do the Digital, you do the Business!

I look forward to working with many content creators in the near future. Feel free to reach out on my below social platforms or using this contact form if you want to discuss anything digital! Thanks for stopping by.


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